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Black Mold
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Black Mold Test | Find Out if Your Health Is At Risk

If you had the opportunity to ask a person on the street if they know what mold is and why it's more dangerous than you think, most people younger than 20 wouldn't have a clue what you are talking about. This is not a put-down on age, just a simple fact. Of course if you asked about knowing fungus, that might ring a bell. That said, now that we have your attention, please allow is to introduce you to mold and in particular, the real mold that is not your friend: black mold. A black mold test is an obvious safety precaution to protect yourself against danger. This type of mold, more than any other, can not only be ugly, but dangerous as well. Look at it this way, folks. Mold and black mold can be hiding and making a new home in any home or business it chooses. And the sad thing about black mole types is that it's really hard to know there they hide; even worse, you won't see the attack coming.

Testing for mold in the home

Some, but not all molds are microscopic fungi that grow on any type of surface, like a loaf of bread you buy in the store, or a kitchen cabinet that is never cleaned properly. If you look closely you can see a green mold on an old loaf of bread that has been in your home or business for a long time. This is usually the sign that the bread has been invaded by clusters of hundreds of connected networks of a mold family. This type of mold is the visible kind you can see much like the mold you see at the bottom of shower curtain. If you are still using the same bathroom shower curtains you haven't changed since Bush was president, you have introduced your family to Black Mold. So, while you're reading this article, take a minute or two and visit your bathroom shower curtain and look down at the bottom. This is the dark color of mold.

Test your house for mold

Well, if you have been sneezing or having a series of water-eye episodes and blaming it on seasonal allergies, that may not be the problem. The sneaky culprit might be hiding in a place in your home or business you never dreamed could happen: your air ducts. That said, now it's time to contact your HVAC company and have them make a black mold test. And if black mold has invaded your heating and cooling system, that black mold test can get the answer in a hurry. You many not know it, but black mold in air vents is one common cause. Why you may ask? Mold is a living organism and can open up business in some of the strangest places, and they love air ducts. Actually, warm, moist environments are the ideal spot for mildew spores to hide and grow.

Note: if you see toxic black mold any place in your home or business like on shower curtains or in your basement lurking in the corners it's ugly and can give you the shivers. Just keep in mind that even though its ugly, it is not nearly as dangerous or the home hazard as radioactive radon gas that's invisible and odorless.