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FREE! Our Families and Communities from the culture and industry of prison

Repeal Mandatory Minimums in New York, Now!

FREE! is building with individuals and organizations across New York State to ERADICATE, once and for all, mandatory minimum sentencing laws. These practices are unjust and an enormous mis-appropriation of scarce funds!

Being associated with "non prescription" drugs is not a crime, although we've allowed it to be criminalized. Self medication has a rich, diverse history in the United States, that crosses all class, race, gender and physical lines. Why, then, is the overwhelming majority of New York's prison population people of color, primarily men, with drug-related charges?

If a person needs treatment for dependency, this is a medical issue. It is not a crime to need help - especially if you occupy a socio-economic location of privilege. FREE! believes that all people have the human right to heal ourselves, and not to be imprisoned for that process.

We can spend far less resources on re-investing in sustainable support methodologies for low and mixed-income communities of color, and shrink the greedy devastating footprint of the Drug War.

If you would like to work with us on how to make our communities healthier and prison FREE! contact us at