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FREE! Our Families and Communities from the culture and industry of prison

FREE! Intern/Volunteer Opportunities

INTERNS NEEDED (ACADEMIC CREDIT can be arranged) Several Opportunities:

FREE! Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment is a grassroots, women-led organization that empowers people with incarcerated loved ones through self-advocacy trainings, hands-on organizing and mobilizing, and Media Justice projects. Two million people in the U.S. are in prison, over 66,000 of them in New York State alone. The majority of incarcerated New Yorkers come from seven disenfranchised neighborhoods in NYC, making poor people of color as the primary targets of the Prison Industrial Complex.

FREE! is seeking Undergraduate and Graduate level interns to help fight for justice for families of prisoners in New York. For course credit, interns will gain hands on experience in a start-up non-profit organization. Interns will be supervised and evaluated. Must be comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. People of all gendered, racial, ethnic, spiritual, physical ability backgrounds encouraged to apply.

For Academic Internships: Please send resume, cover letter outlining where you see your point of entry into social/criminal justice, and one writing sample that reflects a strength that you have (research, poetry, essay, review, anything you feel is appropriate). For Multi-Media and Art/Graphics, please submit something visual, if possible.

VOLUNTEERS FOR ANY AREA OF WORK, please call or email us: 917-653-2610,

Apply to:
subject: Interns/Volunteers

or mail to:
Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment, c/o Fortune Society, 29-76 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101
Attn: Intern/Volunteer Search

Deadline is rolling.

Areas in which interns can be involved include: foundation and grassroots fundraising, program coordination, community outreach, multi-media production, art and/or graphic design, editorial production, and research/analysis.

Foundation Fundraising:
Hands on experience writing and editing grant proposals, researching funder prospects, organizing contacts, application and reporting deadlines.

Grassroots Fundraising:
Helping to build an individual donor database, approach, and helping to coordinate grassroots fundraising events.

Program Coordination:
Coordinating workshop and training series directly interfacing with facilitators and participants. Hands on promotional experience.

Community Outreach:
Help execute community-based campaigns for social change, using your people skills to engage people directly impacted by mass incarceration, gather information, and plug people in to the overall work. Involves face to face, telephone and email communication. English/Spanish speakers preferred.

Multi Media Production:
Support our Media Justice project create tool for change with hands on video, audio and post production work. Includes working with FREE! members on pre-production, and doing production assistance work with members learning to create their own television productions.

Art/Graphic Design:
Help us create visual representations of the ways our families are impacted by prison, and that reflect the work that we are doing to heal our communities. Includes logo, web graphics, art work for banners, t-shirts, fliers and more! Full credit goes to artists. (A team including artist and graphics person is also acceptable).

Help us finish our Resource Guide, made by and for families with incarcerated loved ones. Includes some project management and calendaring, as well as proofreading, fact-finding and research. You will have a copy of the guide with appropriate credit in the masthead.

(Graduate Level preferred)
There is a dearth of reliable statistics and analysis when it comes to families of the incarcerated. Yet the intersections of race, poverty, housing crisis, and severe health challenges, pivot on prison. We are looking to work with two (2) criminal justice, public policy, and/or social work graduates to produce groundbreaking reports on issues related to prisoner families.

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