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FREE! Our Families and Communities from the culture and industry of prison

FREE! Media Justice PSA samples

As we continue to struggle to overcome the harsh realities of the Prison Industrial Complex, you have all been a support to our organization throughout the years. From the early days of our meager existence at the Fifth Avenue Committee (2002) to our EMANCIPATION and relocation to our new offices at 2976 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City, all of you have remained a part of our network and for that we thank you.

As recipients of generous funding and equipment donations from The New York Foundation, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the Northstar Fund, Fortune Society, and past support from the 2006 Union Square Awards, Funding Exchange, and others we have been able to acquire office space and carve out a niche to develop media for the cause.

The PSAs found on our FREE! Youtube video site YOUTUBE.COM/CIONEZ are only samples of the work by Prison Famz Productions; I hope you will enjoy and share it with your colleagues and clients who seek a place to emancipate themselves from the modern day slavery known as the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC).

Yours in solidarity,