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FREE! Our Families and Communities from the culture and industry of prison

FREE! Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment

FREE! Families Rally for Emancipation and Empowerment is a women-led, grassroots collective of people with incarcerated loved ones, mobilizing ourselves to develop and empower one another, impact public policy and and fight for social justice.

We offer free legal and media trainings, organizing trainings, referrals and leadership development. Our self-determined and self-sufficienct network of New York State families and friends with loved ones behind bars is growing rapidly.


FREE! is families, friends and community activists empowering ourselves through self-determined community building, organizing and mobilizing. We provide a mutually supportive atmosphere, skills to advocate for yourself and on behalf of your imprisoned loved ones, media production facilities, and powerful campaigning that changes lives!

We reach out to families of people who are incarcerated in NYS prisons, and promote personal and social wellness with a respectful and nonjudgmental mentality and approach. FREE! challenges stigmas and stereotypes, struggles to resist prejudiced, unjust policies and systems that seek to destroy our families, and communities by warehousing our loved ones in private prisons.


To radically change and share in control over institutions that currently tear apart our families, our children, our currently incarcerated loved ones, and our directly affected communities. We do this through capacity-building projects, pro-active self-empowerment/advocacy development, grassroots organizing, media, and discourse… We work in coalition with anyone working to develop resources, materials to support our membership in and outside of prison walls.




Kym Clark

Denise Barnes